Jail (Video) Visitation Rules


a. All visitations are subject to audio/video monitoring and/or recording.

b. All visitors are subject to a frisk search or a wand which will detect contraband

      1. Items brought in with the visitor is subject to a search.

c. Any minor children will be kept with the adult visitor at all times.  Any disruption of visitation will not be tolerated.

d. Visitors must be 18 years of age or older unless with an adult.

e. All visitors must be registered on SecurusTech and added to the visit unless an override is authorized by the Jail Administrator or designee.

f. Visitor names must be their own information for records.

g. Two on-site visits can be scheduled per-inmate, per-week for free.

h. Two off-site visits ca be scheduled per-inmate, per-week for a fee.

i. Only four (4) visitors are allowed per visit.

j. Visitors must schedule for visits a minimum of 24-hours in advance and up to two weeks out.

k. Visitors shall not enter any areas of the facility except the lobby and visitation area

l. Items not permitted in the Visitation Area:

      1. Food or drink
      2. Lighters
      3. Tobacco Products
      4. Knives, guns, or any type of weapon
      5. Illegal contraband