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Please read the FAQ’s before scheduling.


Can I get a copy of my prints after my appointment?
  • No.  We cannot send background check results anywhere after they have already been submitted once.  You will need to come in for another appointment and have your prints taken again.  We do not keep fingerprints on file.
  • You may request a copy of your results from the employer or agency where the results were initially sent.
How long do my fingerprints stay on file with BCI and/or FBI?

BCI and FBI results are good for one year.

How long does it take my fingerprints to come back?


Can I have a copy of my fingerprint results sent to my home address?

Only if the reason you are being fingerprinted is coded under an ORC code and is not just for your own information.
Ask the WebCheck officer if you have further questions about this.

My results have not been received and it has been longer than the required time frame. What can I do to make sure my fingerprints were received?
  • For BCI prints, you can call their office at 877-224-0043 and press 7.
  • For FBI prints, you can call 330-625-9450.
I have had trouble getting my fingerprints taken electronically in the past. Is there anything I can do to make sure they are submitted successfully?
  • The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is required by the State of Ohio to attempt taking fingerprints electronically two times with two rejections before taking ink prints.  Once you receive a letter from the State or FBI stating your prints were not successfully submitted both times, bring the letters with you to your appointment and let us know that you are unable to give successful electronic prints.  We then take your ink prints for free.
  • We recommend that if you have had trouble with electronic fingerprinting in the past, you may want to hydrate or moisturize for two to three days before your appointment and avoid using hand sanitizer as it tends to dry out your hands.
How do I know what kind of background check I need?
  • You will need to determine which background check is required based on the type of license and/or reason you are being fingerprinted.  The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is NOT responsible for determining what background check is needed for each individual transaction. 
I need another copy of my BCI fingerprints sent to the same location where they were originally sent. What do I need to do?
  • It costs $8 paid to BCI and you need to call the BCI office at 877-224-0043 and press 7.  
I have made my appointment online and have not received a confirmation email. What do I do?
  • If you followed the steps to make an appointment online and still have not received a confirmation e-mail, make sure that you have “booked” the appointment.  If you have successfully done so, you will receive a message that says, “Appointment confirmed”.  If you do not receive this message, you will need to try making the appointment again. 
Do you take walk-ins?
  • We only accept WebCheck transactions by appointment.  Our schedule is booked quickly and we do not have enough time between appointments to take walk-ins